adora-projectThe first batch of recipients to the Adora Project, which aims at giving incentives in education to young ones living with Diabetes and other chronic diseases were presented with gifts which totaled Gh300.00.

This was presented to the members of the Western Region DYC on 28th June, 2014. The recipients comprised of one who had just completed his tertiary education at the University of Professional Studies, 2 young ones who had completed their Senior Secondary School Examination, 2 who had completed their Junior High School Examination, the rest are currently in various levels of their education.

The project also hopes to encourage reading by linking up with the Ghana Rural Library Project to create a library accessible to these young ones living with chronic diseases.

In order to ensure that young ones living with diabetes will reach their full potential, the Adora Project would be dedicated to providing counselling in education and career choices. It is important that young ones are helped out to develop their talents and also increase their exposure to the world to recognize their full potential. They will have mentors who will guide them in their educational endeavor.

Sponsors can choose to adopt a child via taking care of their school fees and supplies to a said time of their choice.

Adora Project is a memorial fund by the family of the late Madam Adora Sagoe to encourage young ones to pursue their dreams with a solid base in their education. Young ones living with diabetes who are unable to further their education due to lack of finances are given a boost by some form of sponsorship. The sponsorship could be in form of monetary for school fees or books or providing text books for the students or pupils.

  1. February 29, 2016

    MarieMay 13, 2011My daughter is 11yrs and Type 1, She was relcntey changed onto MDI regieme, Novarapid pre meals and levemir at night. Blood sugars are good during the day but have been consistently high at midnight despite cutting out pre bedtime snack completely. She takes her levemir at 8.30 pm and her sugar is usually about 5-8 mmols/lt. rises to between 12-14 at midnight,4am sugars around 6-8 mmols/lt and then drops to 5-6 mmols/lt by morning so cant increase her levemir as she will go hypo by morning Any suggestions, pulling my hair out!

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