Diabetes in young people tends to become a financial burden on the families as much more support is required to maintain their good health.
In the management of diabetes effectively there has to be a constant supply of insulin.
Syringes are required for daily injection of insulin.
Glucometers together with glucose strips are used to monitor blood glucose levels at home. Glucose strips and monitors together with syringes are expensive and not covered under health insurance schemes.
Monitoring blood glucose levels are vital in managing diabetes, so it is important that everyone living with diabetes have monitors at home to aid in managing the condition properly.

The wish of Care4One project is to have welcome packages for newly diagnosed young people living with diabetes which would provide affordable syringes, glucometers and constant supply of glucose strips.

It is also important to have a constant chain of supply of insulin for the young ones living with diabetes and Care4One project aims at providing this.

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