dr.ameyawI wish to take this my opportunity to tell you a little bit about about my life living diabetes. I woke up one early morning to find out that I had passed so much urine during the night and I as drinking so much water during the day and at night. I was eating so much but then I was losing so much weight and tired all the time. So my parents thought I was having malaria and took me to the pharmacy for treatment. Three days later there was no improvement and I was getting worse, I was taken to a herbal clinic and after medication still I did not feel better. One morning I went into a coma (my parents later told me) and I was rushed to the Korle-bu Teaching hospital where I was managed and when I regained my consciousness, I was told that I had diabetes. I was 11 years old and did not have any idea about diabetes and how much more how to inject insulin myself everyday.

As an 11year old I realised that I had to learn fast about injecting myself as my parent were not educated, my family was really shocked, scared, and confused so you can imagine I felt the same and I felt totally lost initially. It was this time that I met Dr. Nana Ama Barnes I was the youngest person in the adult ward and I was scared. But my dad was with me and the doctors and nurses were very nice to me. When I went back home I found out that none of my friends had ever heard about diabetes so I only told one of my best friends about my condition.

My life in school was sometimes very dull because it’s very difficult to be with friends at school as they did not know what was going on with me and did not understand why I did not eat a lot of things like they did, but they just took things the way they were and I also learnt how to cope with diabetes in school.

During all this time and after I was discharged home, Dr. Barnes kept in touch with me and my family, she supported me through my primary school, junior high school. I did not have to join the adults at the diabetes center, I just called Dr. Barnes and she would see me when I was not in school if she was not around there were other doctors who would take care of me. This meant that I did not have to miss any school days to come to the hospital.
Dr. Barnes told me about Diabetes Youth Care (DYC) in 2012 and the first meeting in Accra was in 2013 and I met a lot of other young people living with diabetes. DYC helped me know how to live my life with diabetes. They also provide diabetes materials such as GLUCOMETER, STRIPS, INSULIN, AND MANY MORE.
I just completed Senior High School and studied accounting to be able to achieve my aim I want to be as an Accountant.
I have the aim to help the young people living with diabetes, as how DYC helped me to become someone who can take care of myself living with diabetes.


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